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Visiosense - Digital signage : The concept

Visiosense Concept

Visiosense Concept
Visiosense: directly with the development team
Thousands of points installed throughout France and abroad. With hundreds of partners all over the country, Visiosense accompanies you in your communication strategies for: Advice, Training, Hotline, Assistance, Projects and solutions for sustainability.
French software publisher with controlled costs
French software publisher and manufacturer of Media Players, Visiosense became a reference for the most demanding. The solution is always powered with new capabilities designed through customer feedback (6 releases / year approx.) Adapting to new platforms on the market.
No Licenses or Subscriptions
Free duplication rights and as many control center installation as necessary. Real time services and resources (eg weather forecast) require no commitments or subscriptions. No hidden or recurring costs. Costs are fully controlled by a modular conception of plugins and extensions.
Bilingual and self-explanatory control interface
All buttons, menus, and text provide direct assistance through tooltips. This avoids to open the help file or software manual. All control panels and menus are bilingual (fr / en). The choice of language is defined in the user profile.
Control interface available for PC and Mac
SVS control interface is an Active X component but can also be used directly in Internet Explorer. MAC compatibility is ensured via WineBottler which does not require the installation of a Windows virtual machine.
Security & Robustness of Linux
Range of players for diverse uses: "Thin Box" for setting on the back of the screen; "SSD Fanless" for harsh environmental conditions, "Industrial Chassis" for hardened environement. Available in single and dual head video.
Optimized resources
Bandwidth limited to transfer (push mode). Direct access: no central server up to 30 points .. Updates and maintenance over the network. Small case hardware and low consumption. Screens standby can be scheduled. Wake on LAN.