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Visiosense - Digital signage : Standard features

The Standard Features


SVS control interface for Windows or Mac
SVS control interface allows control from a user station via an Active-X control or full web mode in Internet Explorer. With a few clicks, you will skillfully set up movies, animations, sounds, photos, tv, live cameras, internet stream, text, widgets and promotional banners. Control from a smartphone or tablet via the Easy-Push module.
Web control
wSVS is a lightweight version of SVS, working under any browsers. It groups together the functions necessary for the exploitation of your scenarios on a daily basis. We find the main sections: media, zones and banners.
Mobile web control
The wPush interface on smartphone or tablet allows you to transmit photos or videos instantly by reacting to an event. Examples: Live broadcast of a sporting feat on your screens.
USB Key loading
In addition or in the when no network is available, all playlists can be loaded directly onto the box from a USB key. The upload data is formatted and secured by SVS on a PC.
Multiplex Server: Automated Control of many VsBox
All points are controlled through a master server that embeds Visiosense application suite. The use of this solution is justified for a thirty points spread geographically (ADSL or 3G network). The "multiplex" server provides a set of 256 outreach programs and one "Updates" program for all distribution points located on different sites.


Twitter plugin
Visiosense offers you to add a tool to your dynamic display. For content that is always up to date, put the activity of social networks back on your communication. Get visibility via this plugin for Twitter.
Visiosense offers you to add a tool to your dynamic display. For content that is always up to date, put the activity of social networks back on your communication. Get visibility via this plugin for Instagram.


Media supported
Images (jpeg, bmp, png, gif ..)
Audio (mp3, ac3, aac, wma 1/2/3, WAV, ADPCM, midi, quicktime, ...); Videos (MPEG1 / 2, MPEG4, H264 / 3, wmv, avi, div-x, xvid, vcd, dvd, mov, ogg, dv, realvideo, flv, ...); Flash animations (swf, exe) Power Point native (2003, 2007, 2010) Subtitle (srt) Web pages, video streams (mms, rtp, udp, http, ftp, ...) RSS (xml) Office (doc, xls, pdf)
TV channels broadcast
Broadcasting of TV channels using several methods including: Support for the Molotov platform, standard Web TV, TNT key or TV stream offered via internet boxes.
Road traffic
This function supports the display of dedicated traffic Urls, based on sources such as: Google traffic, Sytadin and V-traffic. Only the useful area is presented on the screen without the tourist or advertising elements.


Anim Editor
ANIM EDITOR is a powerful graphics application that allows mixing all of your media, in one movie, with impressive effects. Its intuitive interface makes it possible to enrich and personalize your digital signage scenarios for Visiosense.
Playlists, pictured as a timeline, can be created and saved. All playlists of media are possible, including the insertion a new playlist or control elements in the edited playlist.
Two areas of diffusion
There is a Central Area and Local Area who share the broadcast. This allows you to manage two levels of communication with the time allocated to each space. Ex: National Communication with regional broadcasts.
Cutting the screen
You can create up to four independent zones that will play their own playlists. A graphical editor allows you to adjust the position and geometry. Zones are overlayed over the background, which also broadcasts in the background its own playlist. 5 playlists are then played simultaneously
Banners allow you to quickly compose text messages, inserting dynamic data(dates, RSS, ephemeris, countdowns..). In addition, a banner may itself be divided into several zones (text, video and flash). There are four games available simultaneously, with a hundred banners per game
The widgets are click and play overlaid objects. These objects are positionned and aligned from one anchor point on the screen, no manual adjustment required. Clock widget, World weather forecast and all regions (France), traffic info, etc. ... Almanac
Widget Meteocity
This feature allows the display of weather on a part or in full screen. It can be associated with existing widgets. Customize your forecast and play your weather scenarios with the dynamic display media.
A template is the grouping of a scenario (zones, playlists, media, banners, widgets, audio etc .. .. .) in a single object. You can download templates in the SVS library and edit them. With the button "CREATE" you save your scenario in one click.
Live video feedback
Live video feedback allows you to view the broadcast in real time, whatever the number of screens and contents. This control is available on all editing menus of SVS.


All elements can be scheduled over one year with an accuracy to the nearest second. The smart copy/paste feature and cyclic tool let you build a complex programmation in a few clicks.
Media campaign
You can program a diffusion campaign for each media individually. This allows more flexibility to run campaigns.
Qualification is a very useful function when many contributors use a same display. The moderator authorizes manually the diffusion of a media or a banner.
Show mode
Show mode is a placeholder for a "neutral" playlist that can be used to play background media (eg institutional media ...). An analogy can be made with the way TV channels cuts movies with advertising. The show mode is common to two areas Central and Local.


Advanced user rights management. Users can access only authorized resources : players, logical elements of software. The rights also change the interface SVS to display only the tabs, menus and icons corresponding to their profile.
Eg a profile can be configured to use only a single banner game. All other software parts are then invisible for the user
Maintenance ensures the reliability of the hardware and software infrastructure through a set of indicators available in the diary. It provides control of boot and poweroff of players, control and standby of screens, performs health check and firmware updates. All operations can be controlled remotely.
Real-time Maintenance
Maintenance and warranty services are displayed in real-time in the SVS software to facilitate tracking and enable better subscription management. Access is available on your secure account on this site under "My account".